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La Fourchette des Ducs

… Nicolas Stamm & Serge Schaal

Nicolas Stamm and Serge Schaal have worked together since 1998. Together, they have successfully redefined practices in the world of gourmet food, in the very heart of their homes. At La Fourchette des Ducs, they invite you to enjoy an original experience, carefully and gently crafted with simple gourmet pleasures. Without excess. Delicately. .


They are there. Both. At the door to the restaurant. Happy to welcome you. There is Serge, who you can tell is incredibly thoughtful. He has already thought of the table that he is going to give you in the restaurant. The best one for you to enjoy the moment. And then Nicolas, perhaps more lively, his mind in the kitchen thinking about recipes which you will enjoy. Two hosts for a unique home - this is the unique nature of a restaurant which, as you will see, offers much more than a simple dish. Indulgence is a must, making you happy the order of the day. Together, for 18 years, Serge and Nicolas have built a life philosophy focused on others. “Looking after others makes us human” as Jean-Jacques Rousseau rightly mused…

Serge Schaal was not trained to work in a kitchen. He is a scientist. He studied geo-physics and, before meeting Nicolas Stamm, he was an environmental engineer. However he now has a deep passion for his work. Strongly defensive of his profession, he is Vice-President of the Les Grandes Tables du Monde association, and he also leads the Comité de revalorisation des métiers de salle, which issues the title of best international Restaurant Manager. Perhaps he wants to make his profession a science?

Nicolas Stamm was a student of the Alexandre Dumas d’Illkirch Graffenstaden catering school and he studied in Colmar, with Jean Schillinger, President of the Maîtres Cuisiniers de France. Very soon, he looked for independence and a certain autonomy. At 25 years old, he took it upon himself to open "La Fourchette", a 16 seat restaurant in the centre of Haguenau. In 2000 he launched "La Fourchette des Ducs" in Obernai. Discreetly, without a marketing or advertising campaign, the success is clear. The Michelin Guide responded. The first star was awarded two years later, and then the second three years later. The expertise and convictions have won praise. The culinary freedom of the Chef has become his signature. 

Stamm schaal

… The spirit of a unique team

Open for just 6 services a week. La Fourchette des Ducs has a fully available team, committed to shared values of indulgence, attention and excellence. In both the kitchen and restaurant, those working at La Fourchette des Ducs have a single goal: making you nostalgic for their talent.


Kindness is a value which runs though the entire team at La Fourchette des Ducs. Sometimes mocked as it is sometimes linked with weakness, here it is exalted for its original meaning. The Manager Thomas Hirtz welcomes you with a warm smile. "Kindness is when I want, but above all when I must" - this can be seen in his eyes. It's about relaxed guests, ensuring that all the correct conditions are in place to provide a moment of celebration. In the restaurant, the entire team is present, attentive, but never interfering in conversations or disturbing well-being, which is key. And if you ask about the origins of a dish or an explanation about the green colour at the bottom of Alsatian glassware, the staff will enthusiastically share their expertise and put across the joy of this wonderful establishment. In the shadows, in the kitchen, you can feel the spirit, maintained by ongoing relations with the restaurant team. Each cook wants to know everything about you. How to meet your requirements, how to create memories that will last a lifetime. There are twelve in total, alongside Nicolas Stamm and Serge Schaal. Nothing would exist without them, which is fully understood by the two owners.

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