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La Fourchette des Ducs

… Sophistication and generosity

Pairing their home with that of Anne-Sophie Pic was the initiative of Nicolas Stamm and Serge Schaal. The symbol of their passion to share good food, highlight the best, simply, for the happiness of their guests. And this is reflected in each dish, celebrating the best products using strong flavours which create memories.

"Pleasing others” seems to be the single goal of Nicolas Stamm, the Chef at La Fourchette des Ducs. A phrase which resonates throughout the establishment, taken up by Serge Schaal and the entire team together.

On reading the menu, the celebration starts. Lobster, Foie gras, Caviar, King Crab, Truffle... exceptional products are on offer.

Visiting a restaurant like La Fourchette des Ducs is an opportunity to create unique memories. And the Chef endeavours to excite your taste buds. The addition of a meat jus to a lobster recipe - suddenly, in the mouth, this acidic touch creates formidable power. He lets you discover something which he has helped save - the black chicken - an ancient breed native to Alsace which nearly disappeared a few years ago. He honours it by serving it like a "Baeckeoffe", a traditional regional recipe which he has revisited, or by offering the wonderful bird served "simply" with an Albufera sauce with foie gras.

Each time, the flavours on the palate continue to delight. Nicolas Stamm endeavours to extend this moment of pleasure and create wonderful memories. 

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… Tradition used to create

Nicolas has successfully become one of the most proud ambassadors of Alsatian gastronomy. Based on the values of the region, he creates food with strong flavours, but which also looks at original and harmonious combinations.

Tradition is his benchmark, creating a constant determination.

The characterful nature of Nicolas Stamm's food is not lacking. Undoubtedly, his dishes reflect the honourable Alsatian values which he looks to highlight as an undertone. He focuses on excellence, not by protecting tradition but by preserving it, i.e. always looking to boldly reinvent it.

There is a human touch, a desire for collective happiness, this confidence that others will be happy to discover these recipes which are perhaps unexpected, such as fennel confit which is paired with calf sweetbread or this vanilla mayonnaise which accompanies king crab and caviar. Searching for a balance, harmony which does not mean a compromise but a desire to match flavours. Always delicate, without grandstanding, to meet gourmet desires. A pleasure to rediscover, tirelessly. 

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